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I love Christmas for so many reason, not the least of which is the number of movies that are released around this time of year. I have seen a flurry of them recently, and am going to talk about three of them (for any of you that care, if you don't like my long ramblings this post ain't for you!) So, without further ado, here are my thoughts (in the order in which I saw the movies):

1) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe: This movie is actually really good. I've been excited about it since I saw the first trailer and I wasn't disappointed. Of course, I loved the old British version when I was a child, I watched it constantly. This version is really similar, but minus the shitty special effects, the shittier costumes, and this one has much cuter (and less annoying) actors! If you never watched the British version as a child this movie might be considerably less thrilling as it's meant for younger children. I know so many people who refuse to see this because of the Christian allegory, but seriously guys, it's not that bad. The movie draws from so many different mythological sources, the story of Jesus is only one of them. Lewis was a mythology scholar, so of course his book his going to have a lot of mythological roots to it. It's really interesting and (not to spoil the ending, but where have you been if you missed this?) the part where Aslan dies and comes back isn't really all that bad. Besides, as soon as it's done he leads an army of gorgeously designed mythological creatures into battle against another army of gorgeously designed mythological creatures. Seriously, if the Bible ended like this there would be no other religions, it is really, really well done. The main problem with the movie isn't that it had too much in common with the Bible, it's that it has too much in common with Lord of the Rings. If you've seen that trilogy almost nothing here will astound you, but then Tolkien and Lewis were good friends, so I guess that's to be expected. Still, if you love fantasy movies and mythological creatures, give this movie a chance.

2) Rent: Oh dear God....It's like Chris Columbus saw the play and then was like: "Well, that was good, but wouldn't it be better if it SUCKED" And then he made this movie. It is SO bad on SO many levels...I don't know where to start. First of all, don't hire a director who has no stage experience to direct an adaption of a goddamned ROCK OPERA. The feel of this movie was terrible, it just didn't look right. Columbus had people in different locations entirely while singing songs in which they were talking to one another. Also, he cut out parts of the songs that we really important to the plot. And he changed the time line so that the first act is not all on Christmas Eve, and then had to change the lyrics of the songs because a bunch of them talk about how it's Christmas Eve. In fact, the time line and the song changes were so bad and so many that I can't even go into it without my fingers falling off from the typing. He also took a lot of the dialogue straight from the play, but didn't change the words just took out the singing and the music. The problem was the words weren't changed, so they still rhymed. The actors sounded like idiots speaking in rhymes without any music or singing, it was so bad. And, while it was really awesome to see the original cast (or most of them anyway), they are way too old. 10 years ago they were young and the play was about young people struggling to find their place in the world. Now some of them *cough* Jesse L. Martin *cough* are pushing 40 and I spent most of the movie wanting to yell "Get a job you bums" because, really, you've been living like that for far too long now. Also, for some reason they gave Tom Collins ADHD (I swear he was like a kid without his meds, it was really strange) and they took Angel out of drag for huge hunks of the movie. But really, the one thing that bothered me the most, because I think it is a great example of everything that was wrong with this movie (Which I have taken to calling Lease in my head to distinguish it from the awesomeness that is the play) was that they changed one of Angel's lines from: "Life Support's a group for people coping with life" to "Life Support's a group for people coping with AIDS". The point of the play wasn't "hey, these guys have AIDS" it was: "hey these guys are learning how to live" and I think this line change really epitomizes the problem that the movie had with that difference. Anyway, I recommend not seeing this and just buying the original Broadway soundtrack, but that's just me.

3) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Oh man, this movie rocked my socks. Seriously, this was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's funny, it's sharp, it's not too long, and it had a great story. It's a little complicated and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but definitely go see this. I promise you will enjoy this. And, hey, if you don't, at least you'll get to see Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer kiss.
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Good God, my Psych of Reading final just got done beating me like I was it's red headed stepchild. I don't know what happened....ok, so that's not really true, I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that I only went to 1 class since the midterm, got like 2 hours of sleep last night, and had more coffee than is really healthy before the test, but still. I thought it was going OK at first, but then one of the 30 point questions killed me. I managed to scribble out an answer that used none of the vocabularry associated with the method I was supposed to be describing, and most of it made absolutely ZERO sense, even to me and I was the one writing it. Fuck, I spent more of the last two hours wondering what the class' reaction to me gnawing the veins out of my own arm with my teeth would be than actually convincing the teacher that I knew anything at all about the psychological processes associated with reading...probably because I know nothing about the psychological processes of reading. I spent the last 12 hours trying to crame 5 weeks worth of unreasonably difficult material into my head....I dont't think it worked. Ah! Stupid cognitive psychology, if I have to take another cognitive class because I failed this one I swear people are going to die, slowly and paifully....and after my Psych of Trauma class and far too much CSI I know how to make that happen, goddamnit!

Oh well, at least it's done. And Secret Santa fics requests are out, so yay, something to take my mind of my overwhelming failure as a psych student. Meh.
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Oh good Christ in heaven, I am so, so, so bored right now. If this job didn't pay me $9.40/hr I would shoot myself in the head. In case any of you were wondering (which I'm sure none of you were) I'm currently presiding over the Ming-Ong computer lab on campus. This is so fucking dull. No one needs any help, I don't know why they staff this damn lab, it's on the top of a giant hill that no one in their right minds would walk up if they didn't have to, so the only people here are people who live at this part of campus (UCSC is divided into 10 seperate smaller campuses that each have dorms, this one is called "Merrill"). So, everyone in here either has a broken computer or no computer in their dorm, and they're all doing really boring stuff like typing. Normally, to waste time in ways not detrimental to my health (like chewing out the veins in my wrist) I post to the utterly awesome IC (Instructional Computing) Xanga so that all my colleagues can here about the goings on in my lab, but as there are no goings on I'm posting this here for all the poor souls who frequent my livejournal, which I'm starting to believe are only my imaginary friends, but for those of you who are real, here's a brief summary of why I want to die. My job demands me to do three things:

1) Answering THE MOST INANE questions I have ever heard in my ENTIRE life. My personal favorites are:
a) Am I allowed to turn this computer on?
b) Do you guys have a stapler? (Asked while standing right by the stapler) or Is your stapler is broken? (asked after the customer has REMOVED the sign from the stapler that proclaims the stapler broken and pounding on it for several minutes)
c) Is there a class in here (asked WHILE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT the sign that says there is a class in session)

2) Confiscate illicit food and beverage (LOOK AT THE GODDAMN SIGNS THAT SAY NO FOOD OR DRINK!)

3) Helping the occassional person who actually has a problem with something other than their own brain.

But tonight there is no food, no drink, no stupidity, NOTHING. I want to cry. Lord of the Rings slash and Charmed TWOP recaps are only intersting for so long. This would be a perfect opportunity to work on the next chapter of Unexpected though...so maybe I should go do that instead. But that would be so productive and so much less bitchy. Eh....whatever.
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Favourite fandom: CSI: Miami, CSI, NCIS, Harry Potter

Favourite pairing: Horatio/Speed/Eric, Nick/Warrick, Tony/Gibbs, Severus/Harry

Fic ideas: I don't have any specific ideas in mind for the story I get assigned (I'm assuming that's what this is asking, since the next question is about what we want), but I'd love to write some holiday themed stuff, especially for one of the CSIs or NCIS.

Dream Fic: A sweet and smutty Christmas story featuring a H/S/E triad, the hotter the better, with a little romance thrown in.

Where are you from?: Santa Cruz, California, USA

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Title: Unexpected
Rating: Overall NC-17, PG13 for this chapter
Pairing: Nick Stokes/Elliot Stabler
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: Nick goes to New York to confront his past, and meets someone to face the future with.
Warning: Mentions (in some detail) of child abuse/molestation
Disclaimer: I don't own them. To coin a popular Sunndydale phrase, 'duh'! (I don't own that quote either ;) )
A/N: This is the first story I've ever posted. I had my lovely (and unendingly patient) boyfriend read it over, but he was pretty uninterested in it and has sworn to never beta anything with a rating above "R", so if anyone is interested in beta-ing for me, let me know!

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Ok, I just got back from GoF and I am, to say the least, displeased. To follow will be an abridged version of the reasons for my extreme displeasure (understand that this will be nothing more than the disappointed rantings of a fangirl who has read this book far to many times to be considered healthy):

1) Did anyone working on this movie bother to read the book or did they just pick up a Cliff Notes version of the plot and go from there. I understand that due to time and budget constraints they had to cut some material, but some of this is just ridiculous.

2) Why is Barty Crouch Jr. (who shall henceforth just be called Junior) in the first scene? He's not supposed to be there. It doesn't really do anything except introduce him to Harry, which doesn't have to happen because of the pensieve scene later on. In fact, I'm just going to say right here that absolutely EVERYTHING they changed about this character annoyed me. From how he got out of Azkaban (which they didn't explain at all) to the flashback scene where he got put in (what exactly was the point of him screaming at his father, he was supposed to appear sympathetic at first).

2 1/2) Barty Crouch Sr. (henceforth referred to as Senior) and all the related changed to his character. Senior is supposed to be a dick, Junior is supposed to be vaguely sympathetic. And there is no reason, so far as I can tell, to change this. It makes no difference in time or money. Why have Minerva say "It nearly destroyed him?" when the whole point of his character is that he couldn't have cared less either way in the book?

3) The Quidditch World Cup. Now, while I understand why they couldn't do the whole thing because of the money they were spending on the Tournament I don't think they needed to cut it that short, or take out Bagman's character, or change how Junior is there (I know this doesn't come out until later, but they could have set it up). My real problem here is the Death Eaters. They're supposed to just mess with the Muggles, but instead they're marching around like the KKK and doing some serious damage. (Also, they have annoying hats, I mean, really, really stupid looking hats)

4) Snape. This has been a problem for me for all the movies. Now, don't get me wrong because I LOVE Snape, but in the books he is a DICK. A big fat dick, and that's what he's supposed to be. Harry has every reason to hate this guy because god knows he hates Harry. But in this movie he goes from being vaguely displeased with Harry to vaguely concerned for his well being to actually jumping in front of a werewolf for him. None of this works with his character, he's not supposed to be nice (even though I love reading about him being a slashy sweetheart). Also, they have ALAN RICKMAN playing this man. Rickman is one hell of an actor, he managed to almost save Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, the man is damned good at what he does. But they don't utilize him. He's perfect for this character (who is a pretty important character in the story), but he gets maybe 10 minutes of screen time per movie, and that's a generous estimate. UTILIZE this actor, you dimwits, it will vastly improve your movies.

5) The Maze. Where are all the monsters? Why is it so foggy? Why did you take out the Sphinx, which was the most awesome idea ever? Why does the maze eat people? What exactly is this test supposed to prove, they're not really doing anything? And why does Harry have to use his wand almost not at all in this test? That's all I can say about this whole scene, is just WHY????

6) Voldemort. Wow, way to make the Big Bad unintimidating, guys. Not only is he funny looking, but he prances like a ninny. I swear to god he just kinda skips around the "Circle" of Death Eaters. Also, instead of being really pissed at his Death Eaters for abandoning him he just comes off as mildly annoyed. "I was forsaken by you, so now I will mess up your little masks while skipping back and forth in front of you. Fear me". Whatever...just....whatever. Also, why are there only, like, 4 Death Eaters there. He sent out a summons, and army was supposed to respond, could they not shell out a little bit more money to just get some people to mill around in this scene and at least make it look like some of the Death Eaters gave a damn that their master was just reborn?

7) Dumbledore. When did Dumbledore get rabies? He's a madman in this movie, at one point he actually grabs Harry by the shoulders and shakes him about like a red-headed stepchild. Also, why doesn't he bother to explain how the Priori Incantatem spell works? I mean, he says "No spell can wake the dead" but he doesn't explain how the ghost things (echos, as he calls them in the book) are actually there. Whatever.

Now, there were some funny scenes in this, and some cool stuff to watch. But overall I have to give it a 'meh' to 'what the fuck is wrong with you douches?' rating.
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Ok, now we're going to try doing an LJ cut...

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Ok, I've never made a livejournal post, so this is a test to see how this comes out. So, let's see how it looks. Oh, the things I do to kill time at work.
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